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Subject: Fantasy LadyThings being equal I'm not sure the following experience happened or not,
if it didn't i don't have any problem with it at all. You see it happened
on this day in my favorite chat room with a woman who happens to be one
sexy lady. The day was, as usual, dead mostly at least till she entered the room.
The room brightened as soon naked young russian lolita as she returned my greeting in the cheerful
manner she always had. How she could be my friend I wasn't sure of, but I
wasn't going to take for granted. I refused to let her not know how I
adored her or lolita russian child models
how much she turned me on. Several times I have been
accused of blowing smoke up the Lady's ass's but little did they know
with this lady I was very serious. We chatted about the days happenings
when suddenly she invited me to view her cam. This isn't an offer I ever
refuse so being a red blooded American male I excepted the invite. There
she was as the cam opened in my window, stunning as always, her blond
hair ! tied up and those eyes to die for, Deep pools that I constantly
got lost in, her breasts straining at her partially opened blouse barely
containing them.
I was simply staring at her, totally content when I my eyes began to
blur, blinking I tried to focus but to no avail, almost like I was about
to pass out stars started shinning when my focus began to sharpen. Wait
this wasn't real was it? I was standing behind her now watching her flirt
with the males in the room, I held my breath afraid that id spoil this
event. I composed myself and decided to except what was happening and to
enjoy this to the I i quietly knelt behind her, leaned forward close to
her ear and in my deepest voice I whispered to her, You are the sexiest
woman I've ever young illegal lolita sex met and I'm going to taste every inch of your body over
and over. She jump at my voice a little but quickly calmed herself
talking back to me she stated... Am I now? and what makes you think ill
let you? I being somewhat bold took command quickly responded in her
ear.. you my dear don't have a choice, I'm taking what I've always!! Her behavior changed becoming almost submissive.. he
voice weakly confirmed this as she purring whispered..then I guess I'm
yours to do with as you as you want!!
My hands traced down her arms lightly just letting my fingertips dance
down there lengths. her skin was trembling as I did.. yes my pet, you are
mine and I'm going to to try my best to hear you moan for me! I watched
her as a spasm rocked Thu her body, her head lifted back to me as a low
purr escaped her lips. my hands moved to her torso and back up her sides
barely brushing against her full breasts, breasts I had so wanted to
nurse so many times before. My hands cupped there fullness, her
breath deepened forcing them tight in my hands, I began to massage them
as I released a low deep growl into her ear.. I'm going to nurse these my
lady as my thumb and forefinger edged to her nipples rolling them between
them I felt her body respond to my touch by becoming erect and I i
released there grip on her breasts, grabbed her arm and spun her in the
chair to face me. Staring into her eyes I leaned in without warning and
slowly moved my head! to those lips of her, she moistened them with her
tongue in a slow sensual movement and allowed me to taste young illegal lolita sex them upon mine.
Caressing them with mine we kiss for what seems like hours her scent
filling every fiber of young illegal lolita sex my being, till I broke our kiss to only to bite
her lower lip lightly, teasing her, measuring her response as I did.. My
mouth moves to her chin as I begins to nibble my way to her neck, my
hands roam up to her blouse, my fingers fumbling with her buttons as I
open it button by button till her breasts fall free.. my tongue licks her
neck gently up to her ear again to nibble on her exposed earlobes as I
press my chest to her my breath quickening letting her know without words
how I cherish this moment this seduction with her. Her faltering
whispered voice fight to release her words to me..Oh God yes.. take me.
Take her I will, ls magazine lolita futaba there isn't a question about that at all, but not till
the moment is hands lift up over her ample chest to her
shoulders, letting my palms rub over her nipples feeling them drag as my
hands slides by them, they flick off my palms as my hand sides further to
her shoulders catching the fabric of her chest, sliding it off exposing
her bare chest to me. I lick down her neck, not another word spoken
except our breaths giving away our growing passion, my tongue tasting her
flesh as I get lower upon her chest, now just above her breast I turn my
tongue to dance around her breast outlining it as I go, her flesh making
my mouth water as I taste the skin between her breast and her chest till
I get to the bottom of her breast where I press my cheek tighter to her
breast lifting it upward allowing me to get to that sweet spot right
under the breast, the heat there telling me of her rising passion. I lick
at the light dampness savoring its taste, then beginning the rising trail
to her erect nipple. I nipple my way up this path, the summit of her
breast, till my mouth breaths over it, I run my tongue ever so slowly
around it, tasting it, till I cant stand it any longer and suck it into
my waiting mouth. Like a hungry baby I nurse it over and over, sucking it
as if I was gathering nourishment from it which I was nourishment of
passion, passion of pure lust for her, every second making my manhood
grow even large, harder with every lick.
My hands running down her outer arms across her elbows and slow over
her hands letting them linger there for a moment then dropping to her
hips. There my fingers do again grasp her panties darting around the
length of her hips urging them down, I feel her lift her hips allowing me
to slide them even lower, my fingertips vibrating as they slide lower,
slowly ever slowly they slide lower he cheeks so smooth against my
fingertips, I pause catching my breath knowing which is close to being
reveled, I revel in this moment for its the first time for me to be this
close to which I desire, wanting it to last I mentally record every
My mouth continuing to pleasure her breasts, I mouth to the other
wanting to taste every inch of her, to heighten her inner drive to
ecstasy. What I have planned I want her entire body on fire, every inch
of her skin awake and tingling with my touch.
I slide her panties lower knowing what iam about to expose her scent
already urging me on as it assaults my senses,. That pungent ever so
sweet smell drifting me to my own excitement.
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